Testimonials ForTally and Ernie Figueredo

Couldn’t Be Happier

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our experience with both Ernie and Tally Figueredo! I first met Tally last year and while I wasn’t in the market for a home, she still kept in touch and remembered details about our conversation we had at the time of our first meeting when she stopped by my house. I can honestly say our situation financially was difficult, but Tally and Ernie worked extremely hard every single week for months on end helping us find homes that fit our specifications. They have found us a home that we just closed on this week and we can’t be happier, Tally and Ernie have been very responsive and extremely thorough with calls, texts, and emails this entire time. I have personally recommended them to my coworkers, family, and friends. If by chance we decide to move again I will definitely be using their services again! They have made this entire stressful process very easy to deal with for a first time buyer. Thanks again!!!