Testimonials ForTally and Ernie Figueredo

Make the call, you won’t regret it!

As northerners, we were referred to Tally & Ernie by an old friend who has become a local in the Tapma/st. Pete area. As a consumer, my husband and I have been involved in the transaction of 12 properties over 25 years. To this date, I have never been involved with such professionals who take pride in their work ethic, were truthful, reliable, dependable, provided timely feedback, and are trustworthy. Furthermore, if they can’t help you find your property, they are quick to refer you to someone else if they arent familiar with the territory. In the end, we could not find the property we wanted in the limited time we had to select, but were referred elsewhere. The referrals aren’t taken lightly, however, but were interviewed & pre-selected by Tally. In turn, when we put our home on the market in Pittsburgh, she interviewed numerous realtors…..ultimately finding one which with which she felt she could put her stamp of approval. I would recommend the team of Tally & Ernie to locals & out of towners & have given their name to relatives, friends & strangers. They are awesome & they work together amazingly. This team is not your typical Florida realtor, they listen, they give you the time you need & would never want you to choose poorly. Make the call, you won’t regret it.