Testimonials ForTally and Ernie Figueredo

Tally and Ernie are an excellent team!

Tally and Ernie are an excellent team! They are very perceptive of their clients’ tastes and they listen to the requests and preferences of the buyer, making it very easy and quick to help them find the dream home! They are always available and extremely easy to get a hold of. Any question you may have they either know the answer or find you the answer and more in no time. I was very pleased to finally find this team! I have had several bad experiences with other realtors and they made my first home buying experience lovely and smooth. They are always in contact with you by phone/text/email/in person and they are sure to have all their t’s crossed and i’s dotted. They are truly spectacular and I recommend them fully for whatever your real estate needs are. They are of the kind who go above and beyond. Thank you Fig Team!