Testimonials ForTally and Ernie Figueredo

Their patience is boundless

Tally and Ernie made the process of buying a home enjoyable from start to finish. I strongly recommend them for out-of-town buyers. I would often fly in for just a weekend, sometimes on short notice, and Ernie and Tally would quickly put together showings for me and drive me around all day (both days) if necessary. Their patience is boundless, and they know how to address the challenges of purchasing property when a client is not based in the area. I have never worked with realtors who were so responsive. They are fantastic and they truly go the extra mile. They continued to be proactively helpful even after the sale was complete. Most importantly, they have the rare talent of knowing how to provide timely information and useful advice to their client while also allowing the client to reach his/her own decision in his/her own time. You really couldn’t ask for a better team.