Testimonials ForTally and Ernie Figueredo

Very Professional

Tally was superb; she is very professional. She showed me about 40 houses over a couple of months before I made an offer and purchased my home; she is obviously very patient. I felt that she really understood what I wanted; the length of time it took to find the right home was due to inventory and is in no way a reflection on Tally. Quite the opposite; she cheerfully kept at it until we found the “one”. She also guided me through the entire process, letting me know when I needed to provide information, and to whom. She communicated with my loan officer and helped insure an on-time closing. I would absolutely recommend Tally – and have! She just found a house for a friend who is moving to St. Pete! While I worked mainly with Tally, Ernie was also involved with some of inspections and he is just as nice and professional as Tally. They’re great! I am actually going to miss seeing Tally on a regular basis.